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About us

The Division of Molecular Hematology (DMH) is located at the Biomedical Center at Lund University, Sweden, and was established in 2014 by the Medical Faculty at Lund University to extend the University’s well-established research profile in the area of hematopoiesis and stem cell biology. The Division is currently composed of twelve research groups that share the common aim of unraveling normal and malignant blood cell development from a molecular perspective. Apart from being an integrated part of the Department of Laboratory Medicine, our activities are supported by the Lund Stem Cell Center, which coordinates common research efforts and provides technical platforms as part of the excellence program StemTherapy.

The independent research groups associated with DMH have complementary expertise in molecular and cellular biology, thereby creating a highly dynamic research environment. The activities are guided by the individual research profiles of the principal investigators (for more information, see Investigator Profiles), where the group research leaders assume financial responsibility for their own groups and hence have a large degree of independence. Our ambition at DMH is to foster interactions across science and teaching among members within the Division, as well as with members of other departments within the University. This is exemplified by the Division’s joint efforts within the Hemato-LinnéStemTherapy and BioCARE programs.

DMH participates in joint efforts to develop educational programs for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows to strengthen their scientific and interpersonal competences in preparation for different career paths. In order to provide PhD students and postdocs with a strong scientific and educational environment, DMH maintains a close link to the Lund Research School in Stem Cell Biology.

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